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Discovering The New You

Bijgewerkt op: 13 mrt. 2022

Many of us lose our essence by letting the story (our thoughts) of our life take over. This is a classic trap where our job becomes more important than living, where a relationship overshadows your own needs, where expectations rule our emotions, and you can’t pace life to your own style.

Working with the spiritual practices, I began to see how life was flowing around me, or not flowing at all. It became clearer why people do what they do. Through conscious breathing and spiritual psychology, I felt connected to the world in a deeper manner. When I discovered my deeper essence, I realized that my sacred purpose is to spread this work to the world.

The feminine essence lives inside every woman. It is not only the most attractive force within you, but it is your life force and is a gift that no one can ever take away from you. It is important to understand that a woman’s journey to embody her feminine essence is not just for herself, but for her family, her social community, her country, and her planet.

If you want to step out of this existing picture and if you want to create a joyful, fulfilling relationship for yourself, if you want a passionate purposeful, peace filled life, and if you want to feel confident, secure, and beautiful in who you are, then you must start to bring back the ‘feminine’ in your world.

Expressing our feminine essence, releasing our inner goddess, is something many of us women have either forgotten or simply do not know how to do.

This is through no fault of our own; we have not been taught how to be feminine in a healthy and powerful way.

The truth is that our feminine essence does not cease to exist when repressed. It becomes part of our shadow selves. At some point, it becomes too powerful to contain and leads to a breakdown manifesting into anger, resentment, stress, depression, over-spending, increased alcohol and drug use, obesity, etc. Like a balloon its pops out!

Embrace your feminine energy


Feminine energy shouldn’t have to clash with masculine energy. Both energies should be harnessed in every individual: pick and choose whichever works best for you while still striking a balance between the two. It’s not about carrying a label stereotypical to men or women, it’s whatever makes you more confident in yourself.


Do not be afraid to speak your mind. As a woman, you have a voice. You have valid opinions and ideas, and they deserve to be heard. Do not let naysayers, haters, or trolls deter you from speaking your mind.


Be open to receiving. Ask for help or support. It’s nice to be independent, but sometimes it’s best to not get in your own way. Honor yourself with gifts; to pamper yourself is a gift in and of itself. It’s important to remember that you deserve a little something special too every now and then.


Express yourself through creative means. Don’t overthink it, just follow what you are naturally feeling in the moment. This can take the form of writing, painting, music, a DIY project, computer programming, cooking, baking, tinkering, etc. Whichever outlet you choose to express your creativity is valid towards embracing your feminine energy.

Good luck beautiful goddess!

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