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Is there space for spirituality in business?

Bijgewerkt op: 30 jun. 2022

I thought there would be no place for spirituality in business, but over the last few years I discovered that I was completely wrong.

Now, I can't imagine great leadership without it. Conscious leadership from the heart it is.

“Leadership used to be about muscle, today it is about brain. But moving forward it will be about the heart. What we know is what you will not replace, no matter how great the algorithm is, You won't replace what make us uniquely human which is COURAGE, CONNECTION and EMPATHY.” ~ Brené Brown

Years ago, I was trapped.. Trapped in a cycle of ambition, targets, stress and "work hard, play hard". The great old rat race caught up with me and there was only one way to compete: WIN

After feeling like I'd lost the game over and over again, totally wipe-out, I swung to the other side of the spectrum and sat down with me, myself and I went down the rabbit hole of myself, my dark-side (shadow-work) and practiced the art of breathwork. I went "Spiritual" was my new label and the ''business'' people were surprised. They saw the change and witness my development on my spiritual level.

I found my way to the sweet spot in the middle of these seemingly ends of a spectrum. I dare to be ambitious ánd spiritual in business. I dare to be a conscious leader.

The world is waiting for you to find your way too. We need you to show up authentically, intuitively with courage, connection and empathy at work.

I INVITE YOU TO bring depth to the workplaces we spend most of our waking hours. LEAD from a place of trust and fearlessness. SHOW others that ambition and spirit do go hand in hand.

It's time! JOIN THE CLUB 🙏

Lots of love,


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